Telephone and Internet Service Providers in Hong Kong

Essential contact information for landline telephones and Internet connections for private, domestic or business use in Hong Kong...

Hong Kong has a sophisticated telecommunications system and one of the highest rates of telephone density in the world.

The Government's Office of the Communications Authority is the statutory body for regulating the telecommunications industry in Hong Kong. It answers inquiries regarding Internet and mobile phone charges and questions regarding telephone coverage throughout the territory. It also advises the public on what to do in case of commercial electronic messages or "spam" under the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance.

There are several companies offering a multitude of fixed line, mobile, Internet and broadband packages, the largest of which is:

Land Lines

All fixed line calls within Hong Kong are free. For all services, a Hong Kong ID card or passport and proof of residence are necessary. Bills are sent monthly.

  • PCCW is the largest provider of land lines. Request a telephone line (or change a registered name) at the online shop Click here

Other telecom providers include:

Internet Service Providers

Many fixed-line and mobile telephone companies offer Internet packages. For all subscriptions, a passport or Hong Kong ID card will be necessary, plus proof of residence. Different packages are available either for monthly subscriptions or charges according to usage.

The main Internet Service Providers in Hong Kong are:

Free WiFi access is available throughout Hong Kong in hotels, libraries and at the airport. The Government Wi-Fi Programme (GovWiFi) aims top provide free-of-charge wireless access to everyone though WiFI facilities at designated government premises.

  • For further information about GovWiFI: Click here
    Tel: 186 111
Cable TV and Telephone Provider

HK Cable TV offers a fixed-line telephone service through its I-CABLE Homeline option and a mobile service through its MOBILELINE option:

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