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There are many reasons why people move away from their home country: career opportunities, temporary expat job assignments, study, retirement, an improved quality of life, family commitments, second-home ownership or permanent emigration. Whatever the reason for moving, life in a new place can be unusual, complicated or just difficult. Whether you have been living abroad for ten years or you are just thinking about moving, AngloINFO is here to give you dependable support - whenever and wherever you need it.

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  • Health System

    Health System:

    Make sure you and your family are protected by the healthcare system in Hong Kong.

  • Residency


    Find out about the visa requirements to live and work in Hong Kong: the paperwork and the process to follow.

  • Vehicle Ownership

    Vehicle Ownership:

    Find out about bringing a car or motorcycle into the country, including import taxes and duties.

  • Employment


    Just hired, or looking for work? Find out about employment contracts, including benefits and legal requirements.


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The Survival of the Fittest

From the blog:
Love and Life in a Concrete Jungle, Hong Kong

As a woman living in Hong Kong, statistically, I stand to have the longest life span for women in the world at 86.7 years beating the previous record holder of the Japanese women at 85.9 years. So what contributes to this long life expectancy in this acclaimed polluted and stressful concrete jungle?... Read more

by Lady in the City ( LitC) on September 24, 2015

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